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Export tight enterprises facing "cold transition period"? The new method of EU anti dump

China's fastener industry has not been subject to anti-dumping sanctions once or twice in the international market. Unfair treatment, to fastener export enterprises bring many damage and trouble. Although we have been actively dealing with these unfair sanctions and striving to safeguard our own interests, we can not stop some sanctions and injuries.
     Recently, the new European anti-dumping investigation method has been officially implemented, which will have a great impact on many industries including fasteners in China.
    On December 19, the EU announced an amendment to the EU anti-dumping regulations and countervailing regulations adopted by the European Parliament and the European Council on December 12 (EU) 2017/2321, which amended the original non market economy alternative country method in the EU anti-dumping regulations, and added an alternative country method of "significant distortion". The regulation also amended the EU countervailing regulations. According to the above-mentioned notice of the EU, the special amendment regulations shall come into force on December 20 and shall apply to all anti-dumping investigations initiated by the EU as of that date. So far, the EU has been officially launching a new approach that has been brewing for nearly two years.